New Learning in the Digital Age

New Learning in the Digital Age

Program - Saturday

Coffee is served from 9:00

The use of ITC in European schools

Key note speaker: Ton Duif, president of the European School Heads' Association (ESHA) (to be confirmed)

ICT based home-school cooperation

A practical demonstration of Forældreintra, a nation-wide intranet for parents in schools

Coffee break

How can you help your children learn, using ICT-based material?

A practical demonstration of English language material on the national EMU-platform, presented by Rasmus Sune Jørgensen, editor on the EMU platform (to be confirmed)


Parallel workshops:

A. Children and electronic media - what to consider?

The Media Council for Children and Young People

B. Equal Rights for Pencils and Computers - the Digital Pencil Case

David Garde-Tschertok, Microsoft

Coffee break


Meet and discuss with the experts


Udgivet den

9. februar 2012



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